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Re: [APD] Aquarium Ebook website

I believe Raj wrote this email section below:
>         While Googling to try to find Diana Walstad's Ecology of the Planted Aquarium
> at a bargain price to import a small quantity for  my friends here in Bangalore..
> I found this site. While registering I am being asked my credit card number !! The Paypal
> link is not correct and although Paypal logo is shown the site does not accept payments
> via Paypal. Fishy! I suspected Phishing.. wrote to Paypal and someone got back saying
> that it may not be a genuine site..

It does quite clearly state that adding a credit card number is not required.

So what's the problem? :-)

A phishing site is one were the displayed url and the actual url are 
different. This site doesn't do this, so it's not a phishing site.

It may just be incompetent over the paypal link. ;-)

Seems a lot to pay for PDF files too...

Why not email the site and ask them about the paypal logo problem?

I'm a IT manager.
There is a scam going about (especially on ebay), selling ebooks where the 
buyer pays and gets a pdf file full of basic information that anyone could 
have picked up for free on the Internet.

Seemingly a person sets up a 'store' and uses the ebook supplier to make 
themself a nice looking web site and the main store sends the buyer the pdf.

After doing a WHOIS on the domain name it appears that the owner of 
eBooksAboutEverything.com is hiding their name and contact details.
Something a company or trader is not suppose to do...
But this may just be more incompetence.

If worried don't buy. But I would email them and express my concerns.
If they are genuine and are just incompetent then they will address these 

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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