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Re: [APD] Off Topic: LED lights

The Dragon Hunter wrote:
>>There will be lots of heat!
> Not as much heat as with current lighting systems.  LED's do produce heat,
> but no where near as much heat as other lighting methods as they are much
> more efficient at producing light.  

LED is nowhere even close to being as efficient as a good T5 or HID 
lighting. The bleeding edge of LED research puts LEDs at about 20% of 
the efficiency of HID and about 33% of the efficiency of T5 
fluorescents. Where LEDs shine (pardon the pun) is in applications where 
durable, relatively efficient light is needed in a form factor that 
prohibits more efficient solutions (e.g., flashlights, headlamps, etc.). 
There is a company that makes an HID flashlight, but they're about $600.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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