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Re: [APD] Off Topic: LED lights

Harry Martin wrote:
> Just imagine, some day our aquarium tops, or lids, will be an array of LEDs
> beaming light straight down into the tank. It will be no thicker than a sheet of
> glass and produce little heat. Any heat produced could be safely transferred into
> the water by trickling water across the top spilling back down into the tank.

The whole reason I went to metal halide was because I didn't like the 
sterile, no-shadows look of even lighting given by fluorescent bulbs. A 
flat sheet matching the aquarium would only exacerbate the effect.

LEDs can be very hot as anyone using 7-watt LED flashlights will tell 
you. Spreading it out across the entire area of the tank will make any 
given point cooler, but the total heat emitted into the hood will not 
change. Still, I don't think LED will match the efficiency of HID 
lighting any time soon.

Lastly, I haven't heard of any full-spectrum LED technology yet. Does it 
exist? My recollection is that LEDs are limited to very narrow spectra.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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