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Re: [APD] How much light actually gets down here?-- more info

I hate to ask such a simple question, but are you fertilizing this  
tank, and are you using any CO2 or perhaps Excel as a carbon  
source?   If you are doing neither that would explain a lot.


On May 3, 2007, at 11:27 AM, Erin Poythress wrote:

> Thanks for all your input. Since people have discussed
> the reflector, I thought I'd let you know that the
> fixture is a Coralife single-bulb 65W. Their website
> appears to be down. All I can find is that it's
> "highly polished" and aluminum. It appears to be
> roughly trapezoidal (minus the longest leg, of
> course). What does that mean in terms of the loss at
> the substrate?
> I posed the question because I've (with admittedly
> intermittent diligence dictated by my mistress, the
> Semester System) been able to get little to grow
> successfully that stayed low. I have some green Rotala
> and some plain old H. polysperma and java ferns
> stealing the hall monitor's lunch, but a C. wendtii
> (embarassingly enough) that was gorgeous when it
> arrived promptly melted and DIED. It's been months
> with no sign of a crypt-like Lazarus moment. I just
> stopped up my python sucking its gray flimsy rootball
> into oblivion. (I still cannot believe it's possible
> to kill wendtiis and that I did it.)
> So I guess I'm looking to upgrade to something that
> would keep some fore- and midground plants besides
> javas happy. I don't aspire to Amano's grandeur; I
> don't want to be in TFH; I just want some dwarf sag
> (or something comparably undemanding) not to die in
> there. Oh, and I think someone said it was 36"L-- it's
> 30"L. Suggestions?
> Thanks for all the help!
> Erin in Greensboro, feeling as if all the stereotypes
> about English teachers being dumb at math and science
> are true. :)
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