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Trying to understand my planted tank in the second year. Tank is a 55 gal
with 4.3 watts per gallon, CO2, ph 7.0. When I first set up the tank I could
grow Amazon swords so fast I was giving them away, and I added hornwort to
the tank to take up the extra nutrients and it flourished so much I was
throwing it away in clumps and the crypt willisii hardly grew. Now I am half
way through the second year, Amazons are very slow growing and small,
hornwort all died off, but the giant hygrohilia grows like weeds, (has to be
trimmed every week), and the cryptocoryne willisii is has taken over the
foreground of the tank. Can the hygro plants take that much nutrients out to
kill off the other plants? It is the whole back wall of the tank top to
bottom. Ferts added 3 times per week plus iron once. Is it time to redo and
start over?





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