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[APD] Trade offer

Anyone want some sprouts from this center plant? I believe it is:
Common Name 	Name 	PH 	dKH 	Temp 	Light 	Difficulty 	Propogation 
Size(cm) 	Origin
Ambulia 	Limnophila heterphylla 	6.5-7.2 	
	20-26 	Bright 	easy 	Stem cuttings 	H:20+ W:7 	India, Sri Lanka, South 
China, Japan

There are 4 sprouts. It seems a shame to just toss them. The poor thing 
has been sprouting non stop for a couple years. I think I should reduce 
my light cycle.

A more detailed look at a sprout.

You've got a few hours before I get to the job.  Heading out for my 
daily 1hr walk. I'll be checking back then. Private reply with a mailing 
address if you want, and maybe we can even trade. :)

- C
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