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Re: [APD] Java Fern

Well, it's one of the least fussy in this regard. You can trim pieces off of leaves, and these will usually grow, you can trim pieces off the rhizome and these usually grow. Easiest is to find a discrete portion of rhizome with some leaves and snap or cut it away form the rest of the plant.  There's no realy beginning and end, it jsut goes on an on, this way and that until something stops it. You will ocassionally find discrete pieces floating around the tank as adventitous budding produces small plants that break away on their own and look for an apartment away from home and the old folks.


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I've got to trim back the forest today and planning to send some to a 
friend a few cities away, just starting with a plant-less tank. My 
question about the Java Fern is splitting it up. Just splitting it at 
the crown is the obvious method, only I've never done it before. When I 
purchased the fern, it was a small, dying... I purchased it out of pity. 
You could say it was a pet shop rescue. Now it's a monster.
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