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[APD] Twigs?

I was at the Vancouver Public Aquarium this weekend and I saw they had a
really interesting Checkerboard Dwarf Cichlid set-up which was
interesting for two reasons:
1. Stocking: They had allot of checkerboards in the tank, I think it
must have easily been one checkerboard per 25cm^3 of tank bottom!
2. Twigs & Branches: They'd used twigs and very small branches (diameter
less than 4cm) to create lots & lots of territory markers for the
cichlids, which is how I'm guessing they managed to get so many dwarves
into the tank without a blood bath.

My query is where can I get similar branches and twigs that would be
suitable for a South American set-up and that would not float?  I've
never seen any size or shape of bog wood smaller/finer than the
chunk/lumps of bogwood that's at least the size of your fist offered for
sale at stores...



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