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Re: [APD] Disposing of Unwanted Fish

"And now for something entirely different. . . Have folks had much luck
"stunting" the growth of crypts, say wendtii, without provoking meltdowns?"

I can answer yes to this one.    I have a 55 gal tank - very low light,
flourite substrate, ferts per EI method only once per month at water change
time.   My water is very soft with very low mineral content.  I have some
crypts (got it from Tom Barr) - don't know the type that are very tall,
spreads prolifically in my CO2, EI, High light tank - that grows about 1/4
size in the "slow" tank.    I also have wendtii (red and green types) in the
"slow" tank.  The wendtii seem to be normal size - but the rate of spread is
very very slow.  The Barr crypts also spread slowly and are also much

However,   I do not have any wendtii in the "fast" tank to make a comparison
on their potential size under different conditions.   I have not ever
experienced a crypt meltdown (vals are another story - add excel - bye bye

The slow tank is very interesting actually,   it has giant vals, crypts,
anubias, aponogetons (the aponogeton also seem to just keep on putting out
new leaves rather than go dormant) that grow fine but slow.  The tank has a
big hunk of driftwood and low light.  To me it looks like a pond or stream
and I enjoy the low light effect.  I get a lot of good comments on this
tank..........makes me laugh cause it's "no work"....while I work to make my
"fast" tank pretty.


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