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[APD] New England Aquatic Plant Society (NEAPS) Meeting discussion.

Hello All,

A club's strength depends on the membership's involvement in online 
discussions and participation at monthly meetings.  Unfortunately for our 
group, we have seen a steady decrease in interest partly due to the 
inability to attend meetings as a result proximity issues associated with 
the New England region.  Although we have attempted to remedy these issues 
by spreading the meetings around the New England area, the attendance and 
involvement of the members has steadily faded.

Because of this decline in attendance, our officers are forced to reevaluate 
the need for our monthly meetings and would like input from both members and 
nonmebers for a solution to the issue that plagues this group.  One 
suggestion has been to make the meetings quarterly and to advertise well in 
advance to allow adequate planning for people to attend.  There are also 
other clubs that work strictly as an online group based on the same distance 
issue and our officers would welcome any feedback with regards to these 
groups.  Until we obtain some information with which to make an informed 
decision, our meetings will be suspended for the time being and interactions 
will be limited to the website's forum at www.ne-aquaticplants.com.

We would like any ideas that might improve the membership involvement and 

Thanks in advance.

Bailin Shaw
Executive Officer
New England Aquatic Plant Society

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