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Re: [APD] Disposing of Unwanted Fish

If the inflicter or inflictee is not aware?

If inflicter, then I'd say sure, I can feel a lot of pain ieven i fyou don't know you just stepped on my dogs.

On the ontehr side, I don't think I can have a pain that I don't feel, especially ones that I have no capacity to feel. I might on rare ocassions be uncertain about whether a particular sensation is pleasurable or painful, but that's a whole diff thing.


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Granted rocks aren't in possession of any sort of neurons....
I guess your plant argument boils down to (no pun inten....) to: Is 
cruelness only limited to those who are aware?
A fair question. Lets stand it on it's head: Is it cruel to maim and 
otherwise inflict pain if the inflicter is not aware of their acts?
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