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Re: [APD] Disposing of Unwanted Fish

Hmm, that's a non-answer answer. Just how do you stand on the plant cruelty issue?

As for cows, the first question to ask, is why do you think cows think at all, and then work up from there. If lack of intelligient behavior is taken as a sign of deep contemplation, then you'll have to allow the same to rocks, perhaps the most pensive of all.

Btw, in prior posts, I was using "sentience" according to its more common usage, comprising even the most meager form(s) of awareness.

AS the Chesire Cat said, opinions differ. So do cheeses. And when you're hungry, cheeses are the more intersting.

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S. Hieber wrote:
> And no one has yet voiced any concern for the plants from which we regularly tear body parts and sometimes mercilessly commit to oblivion.

Personally, I think awareness, consciousness and sentience have all been 
thrown around in this discussion a little too freely. . . . (I state it as 
such as I don't believe humans to be separated from the animal kingdom. 
Intelligence is a rather weak argument to differentiate ourselves from 
animals). . .
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