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Re: [APD] Disposing of Unwanted Fish

S. Hieber wrote:
> And no one has yet voiced any concern for the plants from which we regularly tear body parts and sometimes mercilessly commit to oblivion.

Personally, I think awareness, consciousness and sentience have all been 
thrown around in this discussion a little too freely. My wife works with 
developmentally delayed children, which has forced me to revise my views 
of consciousness and sentience. The kids are definitely conscious, but 
touch down only very lightly on awareness and sentience, if at all. 
These kids are stuck at aged 2-3 forever.  In the animal kingdom, it is 
the other way around. One can generalize and say most animals are highly 
aware with respect to self preservation, but have only a smattering of 
consciousness and definitely no sentience.  But we can't get inside 
their heads. I mean what do cows think about all day? Are they highly 
developed philosophers? They could be... no one has taken out the time 
to monitor a cows brain activity while it stands and chews it's cud. (Do 
you think I could get a grant?)

I think perhaps these terms are still crude in a sense of being able to 
describe the full scale of awareness and intelligence, thus the ensuing 
debate.  I'll just throw down these terms and feel free to debunk as you 
will. I'm fully aware these break standard definitions, but I believe 
they more aptly describe an animal intelligence scale.  (I state it as 
such as I don't believe humans to be separated from the animal kingdom. 
Intelligence is a rather weak argument to differentiate ourselves from 

Physical awareness - self preservation, it reacts to pain.
Cerebral awareness - self aware.
Consciousness - self aware and aware of thought.
Sentience - aware of self and thought, able to direct thought.
Intelligence - aware of thought. able to retain, direct, learn and/or 
improve thought.

- C

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