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[APD] shrimp for community tank

What shrimp might survive?  At the local Petco, they have some bamboo shrimp for about 6 bucks.  Do they eat algae?  Have seen marble shrimp at Petsmart sometimes also.  The 55gal has 10 silver-tip tetras, 8 rainbows ( 4 Aus, 4 Macchullochi), a tiger botia and a bumblebee catfish in it, and too much algae on the plants.  Been set up for about three weeks or so now, so it's just getting settled in.Running 2wpg about 12hrs/day (JEBO w/ AHS bulbs, 6700k or 10,000K), no CO2, Magnum 350 canister with dual bio-wheels, no air.  Substrate is a layer of peat moss overlaid with a mix of sand and Schultz Aquatic Plant soil overlaid with a mix of gravel and the Schultz stuff.  Our water here is very hard in southern NM and alkaline, about 8pH from the tap.Nick A 
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