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Re: [APD] Disposing of unwanted fish

Hello one and all.  Its been a very long time since i've submitted and 
was almost at the point of cancelling this subscription.  I've just had 
a quick skim through all the replies and I don't think this has been 
mentioned yet.  In the past, I used to work in a fish laboratory, where 
sadly, surplus to requirements fish were PTS'ed (hence "used to work").  
Whilst it was one of the least favourite jobs going, because it was 
conducted in a university, certain protocols were followed to make the 
process as humane as possible.  The trick here is to find a chemical 
called "2-phenoxyethanol".  It is available in one popular anti fungal 
treatment here in the UK, and maybe in the US (Do fish medications in 
the US have to declare the active ingredient?).  It is very similar to 
MS-222 (benzocaine) in its effects as being a sedative (hence an 
overdose bringing about death) however, more easily dissolves in water.  
IIRC, benzocaine powder needs to be dissolved in acetone or alcohol 
before use, which may not be great as these chemicals may be sensitive 
to the gill membrane.  Which ever method is used, it must be slowly 
added drop by drop until the fish loses consciousness.  Once in this 
state, larger quantities can be added.  The best bet is to then leave it 
for a good while before disposing it.

I've heard of clove oil being used in the past, but have you every 
smelled the stuff?  That makes my nose sting!  Wouldn't like to guess 
what would happen to a fish's gills.  The CO2 is also a bad idea as 
CO2'd water is pretty acidic.  Personally, I find the nicest method is, 
and this'll sound a bit sick, to throw the fish on the floor.  It's 
quick, can't really be done wrong and works every time.  The addition of 
chemicals "feels" less brutal, but it's difficult to watch, and the 
addition of chemicals too quickly can make the fish leave the water; not 
massively pain free.  Having experienced what I've done in the past, i 
think the nicest way of disposing fish is giving them to another shop!  
Killing fish because they are surplus is really something I now want to 
avoid :o(


P.S. and just in case you are wondering...  No, I don't eat fish ;o)

Hope this helps in some way.

bill wrote:
> Since there isn't a lot of plant talk here, how about a fish question?
> What is the best way to dispose of an unwanted fish?  Putting it in the
> freezer is out, because that is painful, plus someone searching for a snack
> might accidentally eat it.  Putting it in a glass of alcohol or other
> chemical is also probably painful, and there is the disposal problem which
> concerns some people.
> I have a few methods in mind which are humane but some might think them
> gross.
> What do you think?
> Bill
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