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[APD] Euthanize them all!

Well, my vote for execution is the most expedient one, without regard for suffering, since they are not human.  We should use antifreeze coolaid for them maybe, right after the verdict.  As said in the Big Brother Game, "The nice thing about ethylene glycol is that a person dying from it just seems drunk."But fish, I wouldn't want them to suffer needlessly.> > The use of lethal injection to execute people is coming under strong attack> and, IMHO, will probably cease to be used in a few years.  Do a search on > - "lethal injection" suffering -  and see what turns up.  Here's one link:> http://www.californiaprogressreport.com/2007/04/lethal_injectio.html> > If it becomes necessary to kill someone or something, I think the best> approach is one that destroys a lot of brain tissue.  It isn't pretty to> think about, but it is probably fairer to the target.> > Bill> > 
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