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Re: [APD] Disposing of Unwanted Fish

It takes a good handful of additonal premises to make that conclusion follow unless you're using "feel pain" in  a special restricted way that means merely, "react to a stimulus," In whihc case the I grant the taugtology but don't see much meaning in it. 

Of course things can react without exhibiting anything we would resonably call sentience or consciousness. Even paramecia react, but attributing conscious to them pretty much cheapens the whole notion of consciousness. You can stimulate a mushroom to shed spores, yet their degree on sentience is way way down the list. I think I pretty much draw the line at dimly aware of it's own existence. I suspect fish are above that line (certain tetras obviously excluded) and mushrooms below the line.

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As an aside, if fish didn't feel pain they could not react to a 
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