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Re: [APD] Euthanizing fish

I am a complete lurker, but really feel the need to respond to this.  I euthanize fish by slowly overdosing on clove oil (available in most health food stores) or MS-222 (a commercial fish sedative which is a little pricey these days, but available to the public).  Both seemed to gently put the fish to sleep and then, once asleep, I simply added enough to finish the job.  Fortunately, I have only needed to do this a handful of times over the past 15 years of fish keeping.

The clove oil is difficult to mix in water - I shake it up in a separate container first.  I needed to use quite a bit of clove oil to do the job.  There are instructions on the internet if you google.  MS-222 worked better, but it is expensive.

If I were the fish, I would definitely choose these over freezing and sharp blow to the head.  Vodka, on the other hand, sounds like a possible contender!

Anna (back to lurking!)
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