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Re: [APD] The Krib Apistrogramma mailing list

At 11:41 AM 4/25/07 -0700, you wrote:
>Seeing as it is random question day:
>I'd imagine that most of us here have stumbled onto 'the krib' website
>that is some sort of archive for an apistogramma oriented mailing list.
>I've tried several times to track down that mailing list so I can join
>it but I've never managed to find it only archives from a few years
>back.  I keep Rams at the moment and find cichlids in general quite
>fascinating and would love to find a cichlid mailing list but I've not
>managed to find one yet (I found this list by accident too).  Does
>anyone know if that mailing list still exists or know of any other
>active cichlid mailing lists?

I used to run that mailing list but it died from lack of interest.

Course, that was over a decade ago. I think it woke up for a while
on pobox.com but I sorta lost track of it.


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