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Re: [APD] Disposing of fish

If your fish is healthy:  Take it to your local pet store or offer it to fellow hobbyists.  I haven't bought a fish in years because I have always been able to find fellow hobbyists offering them for free in places such as craigslist.  I have a well stocked tank of beautiful fish that were saved from possibly going to a much worse home -- and none of them cost me a cent.  Better yet, plan ahead for the lifetime care of any fish you do get and you won't ever need to rehome them.
  If your fish is terminally ill:  I read a long time ago (I believe on the Krib) how to euthanize a fish by putting it in a container with tank water and slowly adding alcohol, i.e. vodka.  See the Krib for proper directions.  On the two occasions I have done this, it seemed to work well and seemed peaceful for them.  Usually I let my fish pass naturally, unless I feel that they are suffering terribly and I have been unable to cure them.  But I always wait as long as possible because you just never know....I have a fish now that can only swim vertically....a sure sign of impending death, or so I thought.  After unsuccessful treatment, 1 1/2 years later, he still swims vertically only, but eats well and schools with his friends.  I'm glad I didn't do anything.  I would only euthanize under the most dire of circumstances.

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