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Re: [APD] Euthanizing fish

Joela asked, "Hey I would really like to know if the freezer thing is not
the best way. Especially when you have a fish that is really sick and
suffering and nothing helps it to recover. I have in the past froze them. I
must say I would never hit them with something, just couldn't do that. I've
been told freezer is most humane way. If not please let me know what is??"

If you google -aquarium euthanasia fish freezing- you will get a number of
returns that state that freezing fish is not a humane way to euthanize them,
including this quote:  " . . . The American Veterinary Medical Assoc. and
the USDA do not consider freezing fish as a humane method of euthanasia; and
if done, or suggested, by a veterinarian it presumably could be construed as


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