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Re: [APD] The Krib Apistrogramma mailing list

I believe S. Hieber wrote this email section below:
> It's an excellent collection of material from the old FAQ plus some newer
> added stuff that Erik put together so that the info would remain
> available readily available to folks. It's not just apistos on the Krib
> -- Erik's "That Darn Plant Tank" is one of my first green inspirations
> ;-).
> There is no active mail list for thekrib.com; it's a gem of info to be
> savored..

I found the Krib a real gem. But areas are very old.

It's a shame that it is so old and getting out of date.

I offered to take the Beginners FAQ for example and put it on
The Aquarium Wiki Encyclopaedia so that others could edit it and keep it 
fresh. But Erik tells me that the authors whilst not willing to update it 
themselves, don't want me to re-fresh it either.

Shame really.

Stuart Halliday
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