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Re: [APD] Eheim Leaks

S. Hieber wrote:
> Interesting approach. These reduces the ability of the intake to take up the heavier detritus that tends to stay near the bottom. This isn't an issue for all tanks and can be compensated for with more frequent vacuuming.
> Another approach is to use a hang-on-tank overflow filter box, although this is best done only with sumps. Otherwise, the overflow has to handle any variations in the water-system water volume. The overflow provides surface skimming and, if you drop a tube through the bottom of the inner box, with the top of thetube at the height of the skimmer comb, it provides near gravel collection too -- and, of course, ist stops drdaing the tank when the water level falls below the skimmer comb.

What I usually did when I ran a filter was to attach a gravel cleaner to 
the intake and vacuum up whatever before cleaning the filter. Made it 
more convenient than trying to get everything before you drain the tank. 
Then I discovered that in planted tanks you don't really even need a 
filter, or to clean the gravel and life was simpler.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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