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Re: [APD] New CFL screwin bulb - array

Yep. actually you might even lose a bit more from the sprial, due to  the compressed shape making it harder to shed heat without raising the bulb's overall temperature, which above a certain point, reduce the light output, not to mention, shortening bulb life. Bulb life is usually given based on performance essentially in open air at optimum temperature, something rarely seen in a fixture. some times the manufacuter makes some assumptions for typcial fixture, but it hard to find the data.


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The 100 watt output claim is based on incandescent bulb outputs, not  
fluorescent.  So, a 23 watt CFL bulb is the same as a 23 watt T5,  
except that it is twisted into a spiral, and that causes you to lose  
a lot more of the light due to restrike than you would lose with a  
linear T5 bulb.  There is no electric cost savings.


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> I've been using them for three months while waiting for my gear to  
> get out of storage. I used reflector domes, screwed in a Y adapter  
> and screwed two bulbs in each dome (4). I forget the watts (23?)  
> but it's the 100W output claim. I come home and the tank is boiling  
> (pearling) the plants grow along the bottom. many green plants have  
> reddish color to leaves. Riccia looks like a mound of diamonds (o2  
> bubbles just grow all day) My tank is deep, 24". I used the  
> daylghts from Walmart, cheap but I've had a few duds. I had a lot  
> of glosso floating and it turned red around the edges. I have a  
> layer of duckweed to soften the light now. I didn't bother with  
> timers because it's only temporary.
> If you build an array, polished reflectors, dome or regular,  help  
> greatly and working out a timer sequence will get all the light you  
> need. I don't know what the electric costs work out to but my guess  
> is less. 8x23=184 vs ??
> Bruce in NJ

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