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Re: [APD] New CFL screwin bulb - array

The 100 watt output claim is based on incandescent bulb outputs, not  
fluorescent.  So, a 23 watt CFL bulb is the same as a 23 watt T5,  
except that it is twisted into a spiral, and that causes you to lose  
a lot more of the light due to restrike than you would lose with a  
linear T5 bulb.  There is no electric cost savings.


On Apr 11, 2007, at 9:29 AM, echo172 at comcast_net wrote:

> I've been using them for three months while waiting for my gear to  
> get out of storage. I used reflector domes, screwed in a Y adapter  
> and screwed two bulbs in each dome (4). I forget the watts (23?)  
> but it's the 100W output claim. I come home and the tank is boiling  
> (pearling) the plants grow along the bottom. many green plants have  
> reddish color to leaves. Riccia looks like a mound of diamonds (o2  
> bubbles just grow all day) My tank is deep, 24". I used the  
> daylghts from Walmart, cheap but I've had a few duds. I had a lot  
> of glosso floating and it turned red around the edges. I have a  
> layer of duckweed to soften the light now. I didn't bother with  
> timers because it's only temporary.
> If you build an array, polished reflectors, dome or regular,  help  
> greatly and working out a timer sequence will get all the light you  
> need. I don't know what the electric costs work out to but my guess  
> is less. 8x23=184 vs ??
> Bruce in NJ

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