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Re: [APD] New CFL screwin bulb

I believe Richard J. Sexton wrote this email section below:
>> They do make CFL flood lights which work rather well. I don't know if 
>> I've seen one is daylight colors though.
> Yeah but at $20 a pop for a 23W one they don't end up being cheap.
> There is a 48W one that's painfully bright but fairly large.
> There's even a 125W one that you use a halide reflector for but
> it's also > $100. Hydropoinics.com sells them (other places
> probably do too).

I looked and couldn't see any CFLs on sale.
You sure its www.hydroponics.com ?

Eurobatteries.com sell a plain CFL ES 105Watt at 6400K for only £14.85.
So only around $30.


I bought one out of interest and put it in the up lighter in the living room.

Wow, it's bright!

Wife hated the colour it made everything.
Strangely I though everything looked more natural... ;-)

More tanks in the shops are coming with CFLs it seems. My Interpet AQ4 60L 
tank has two 15W CFLs in it and yet the shop doesn't stock spares...
(Interpet still don't have a public face or website). Oh hum.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...

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