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Re: [APD] CO2 and Planted Rift lake tanks

On 4/9/07, Jerry Smith <jerrytheplater at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I have been reading past posts in the Archives about African planted tanks
> and see there are some that used CO2 in them. Is anyone currently keeping
> a
> planted rift tank and using CO2? I would like to hear how you are doing
> with
> it now, tank parameters, fish, plants, lights, CO2, pH, etc.

Easy to do.  Set up the tank with Rift Lake Salts or your favorite
substitute.  Inject CO2 to drop the pH by one unit and you have a tank that
is alkaline and contains 30 ppm CO2.  I have shellies in such a tank.

Adding a known quantity of CO2 is a piece of cake if you ignore the chart.
What you are looking for is the change of pH caused by dissolving CO2.
Dropping the pH by 1 unit gives you the desired concentration.  You don't
need a drop checker, either.

I never really thought about the formula from which the charts are derived
until I read Rex Grigg's site where he mentions that 1 unit drop.  Duh.

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