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[APD] CO2 and Planted Rift lake tanks

I have been reading past posts in the Archives about African planted tanks 
and see there are some that used CO2 in them. Is anyone currently keeping a 
planted rift tank and using CO2? I would like to hear how you are doing with 
it now, tank parameters, fish, plants, lights, CO2, pH, etc.

I have never used CO2 in any tank. I just recently realized it could be used 
in an African tank when I read about it in the thread called "Tanganyikan 
Planted Tank--A quixotic dream?" started by Erin Poythress. This thread is 
dated April 27, 2004. Back then I ignored most of the posts on CO2 as I 
didn't care about it. Now I am curious.

I looked at the CO2 charts and thought it wasn't possible to get any 
meaningful CO2 dissolved in the water at pH 8.2-8.5. I am thinking it would 
be in the single digits at the most. Am I wrong?


Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ

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