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[APD] Old home week. (was extinct plant)

At 01:16 AM 4/9/07 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I wonder if anyone keeps or knows how to get a hold of a Crypt. called  
>Griffithi? I have not seen it in years and would like to get this plant
from the  
>"old days" when I first came into the hobby. Thanks for your help.

Well Hello Mr. Binder, long time no see, err, talk. Or something.

Have a look here:


There's a chance that what you had as griffithi might have been a form
of cordata. fusca might be a better choice being somewhat easier to
grow and looking the same if not nicer. And what's wrong with "blassii"
(cordata cordata)

You might also want to look here:


and here:


And I don't want to say we're getting old but that little boy
I brought to your house once is 20 now. And driving. Be careful
on the roads of Palos Verdes. He drives worse than I do. It's

Nice to hear from you.


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