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Re: [APD] DIY tanks

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Harry Martin wrote:
>> I was in California when the Northridge quake hit. We were living about 
>> 30 miles from the epicenter. ....<SNIP>
> I live very near Pasadena and that's the reason I have two 16 gauge 
> steel straps anchored with five screws into the studs of the wall and 5 
> screws into the aquarium stand. That, along with the lip, should keep me 
> safe in all but the most catastrophic cases.

You would think so!

A friend of mine closer to the quake had a paint can sitting on a top 
shelf when the quake hit. The wall shook so violently, the wall hit the 
can, in other words, the CAN sat still! It punched a can sized hole in 
the wall then was accelerated across the room and hit the other wall. 
His TV set rolled off the stand and rolled across the room and appeared 
to suffer no damage until he tried to turn it on. No outside damage but 
the internal electronics were scrambled.

What we learned from this was that nothing was safe. It can be strapped, 
bolted down, whatever. Physics will find a way to break it. Still, we 
anchored or strapped everything to at least slow down the flying 
objects. Your luck will vary.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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