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Re: [APD] DIY tanks

It also mattered greatly whether the length of the tank was parallel or perpendicular to the shockwaves. In supermarkets, some shelve emptied and other didn't for just this reason.


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Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> Californias earhtquake codes work in favour of aquarists. If you have a
> concrete floor in
> California you can go crazy. It'll hold all but the most extreme stupif big
> tanks.

I was in California when the Northridge quake hit. We were living about 
30 miles from the epicenter. The first thought that went through my 
groggy head was "...what is happening to my aquarium?" I could hear 
dishes crashing along with other stuff. When the motion stopped and I 
got the courage to go look, I was amazed to see the 55 gallons of plants 
and fish still sitting on the stand. Many of my neighbors were not so 
lucky. They lost their tanks as well as many of the local aquarium shops.

Later that day I looked again at my tank and stand. Along the edges of 
the stand where the usual dust was parked, it looked like it had been 
wiped clean. I suddenly realized that my tank had slid off the stand and 
slid back before toppling over. Lucky me, the aquarium gods were smiling 
down at me that day.

I think that perhaps my DIY stand had something to do with it. Many 
stands I've seen have a lip along the bottom of the tank which would 
have prevented the tank from sliding.

We were very lucky. Other folks had chimneys come down through their 
roofs, others had their homes crack open like dropped eggs.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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