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Re: [APD] DIY tanks

Harry Martin wrote:
> I was in California when the Northridge quake hit. We were living about 
> 30 miles from the epicenter. The first thought that went through my 
> groggy head was "...what is happening to my aquarium?" I could hear 
> dishes crashing along with other stuff. When the motion stopped and I 
> got the courage to go look, I was amazed to see the 55 gallons of plants 
> and fish still sitting on the stand. Many of my neighbors were not so 
> lucky. They lost their tanks as well as many of the local aquarium shops.

I live very near Pasadena and that's the reason I have two 16 gauge 
steel straps anchored with five screws into the studs of the wall and 5 
screws into the aquarium stand. That, along with the lip, should keep me 
safe in all but the most catastrophic cases.

Jerry Baker
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