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Re: [APD] Otos

>culturally-based value of animal life, since most of
>the fish in the trade are collected and farmed nowhere
>near here? Does the problem stem from the harsh
>conditions and low pay of live collectors? 
>(This is my spaghetti-on-the-wall approach, but I
>really think about this a lot and would love your
>views on the matter.)

I think it has to do with the physical appearence. If it's
soft and fluffy and has big eyes then it should be saved.

If warthogs were endangered I don't think anybidy would
notice or care very much. In this sense things like ropefish
and elephant noses fly in under the radar modulo real

Recall that Aponogeton crispus is extinct in the wild now,
not endangered like say, Tigers. Did anybody know notice or

There are people that care. And that's one lonely pack of
six people who are essentially powerless to do anything
except worry.


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