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Re: [APD] DIY tanks

> > You would factor in the tank as the the "live" load part of the limits -- like a bunch of folks standing around crowding a room, which, btw, is the heaviest live load one is likely to have on a household floor (or suspension bridge for that matter).  Or you could look at the total load limit, including live and dead load and the limit for that -- think about how much your fridge ways and how few square feet its load is directly over -- then consider how that affects the load per square foot for the floor. You will usually find that even a very large tank is safely within limits for the load per square foot. Nick:  Yeah, that's right.  Shear stress will usually be okay, it's the moment load on the beam that may be a problem.> > Consider, if you stand on one foot, the load directly under your foot is probably, for the average adult, in the neighborhood of about 75 or more pounds per square foot, yet standing on one foot is not likely to cause you or a building engineer to !
 be nervous.Nick:  Most adults I've seen standing on one foot is more like 300-400psf!  150lbs on less than 1sf area.  > Yeah, but then you need some pretty heavy duty rafters in the basement ceiling.  ;-)> Nick:  Basement, what basement?  Ha, there are a few houses around here with basements, but less than 0.1% of them I guess.  I just designed a footing and wall system for one recently for an architect.> The other good thing about slab - if you have a big leak the damage is much> easier to deal with..........put down tile floors (my fishroom is tile on> concrete) and you have a very easy to clean up floor.  A wet vac takes care> of it in no time.>  Nick:  What I am worried about though is the fact that I am gluing bamboo flooring down over the slab.  I guess I could seal it with a layer of polyurethane, but don't want to!
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