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Re: [APD] Scratched aquarium glass and DIY tanks

Nick Andrews wrote:
> Is it worth the trouble to try and remove scratches from a nice older 55gal?  Nice 1/2" thick glass, heavy tank.  They are mostly not noticeable when the tank is full, but a few are deep enough that they show badly.And how about building your own bigger tank.  I am looking at 240-300 gal size.  Friends just got a 300 delivered from glasscages.com to the tune of $2600 with stand and canopy.  They are not to fill it with water for 4 weeks after manufacture date or the 90 day warranty is void.  As if they would ship it back!  I'd rather spend a couple or three hundred for glass and silicone.  I know I can build a stand after seeing how simple theirs are made!  I can buy the 3/4" oak plywood for $50 a sheet and save $600+.  Any experience here?Nick A in southern NM

Glass is more expensive than you think. You will want tempered glass for 
at least the bottom. When I priced out building my own tank, the 
store-bought tanks were cheaper than the glass panes alone.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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