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[APD] Off Topic: Top of Tank South American fish

Off Topic Alert!

I thought I'd risk asking about fish here (even though it's a planted
tank mailing list) as allot of planted tanks seem to be set up with
South American (SA) plant species, so I thought there is probably some
folk here with SA fish too that could advise me :)

I've currently got in my 29G planted tank 12 Rummynose Tetra, 2 German
Rams, 5 Sterbi Cory, 2 Hatchet Fish, a clown plec and some cherry &
amano shrimp.  I had been planning on getting more Hatchet fish as my
Rummynose are still feeling a bit insecure as they seem to spend 90% of
the time at the bottom level of the tank with the Rams.  The idea was
that the more confident Hatchet fish would encourage the Rummynose into
the middle level of the tank but Hatchet fish are proving very hard to
get locally now so I was thinking about trading them for another species
of shoaling fish that likes the top (or top half) of the tank.  The tank
is starting to look great it just a shame that with so much swimming
space the main shoaling species in the tank is not actually swimming in
the provided space!

My problem is I can't thinking of any other shoaling SA species that
like the top half of the tank, the only other SA shoalers I've kept
before are Neon Tetra's and they seemed to prefer the bottom half of the
tank.  The LFS recommended a couple types of Rasbora (Harlequin and
Green/Emerald Eye) but I'd really prefer to keep the tank stocked with
SA species and I believe the Rasboras are Asian.



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