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Re: [APD] Otos

I purchased 6 which appeared to be healthy  - active, no blemishes, plump,
etc.  I put them into an algae-infested tank to see what would happen.  What
happened was that one died on the first day and the sixth died three weeks
later.  They did appear to eat some algae, but not much.

The other fish in that tank, guppies, continued to thrive.

I am tempted to try again, in a special tank with wood, plants, algae
wafers, and a few bloodworms.  At least oto's aren't too expensive.

Oto's are collected with cyanide?  I know that salt water fish are (or were)
collected that way, but I hadn't heard of it used to collect fresh water
fish.  Are any other fish collected that way?


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