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Re: [APD] otos

I've worked in 2 different fish stores. One
hand-picked their FW fish from a local wholesaler and
the other one ordered in boxes from a completely
different supplier.

I used to be one of the people who picked the otos,
among others, at the first LFS and if I saw more than
a few dead in the tank (this is a wholesaler after
all), or if any living looked remotely funky, we
passed on them that week. Often the sick ones got
reddish-looking bacterial places, poor guys. Or
whitish patches on their backs. They also seemed to be
more sensitive to the formalin, salts, etc., that the
store kept in the water to discourage parasites, so
sometimes there was die-off anyway.

I think in the case of the shipped containers the
other store was either ordering from a sub-par
supplier or the supplier was sending their otos fresh
from trans-shipping or live collection (the former, I
think). Either way the die-offs were often huge. 

Working in the trade has made me marvel that anything
survives long enough to make it to my tank. (Note to
self: spoil little guys with bloodworms in thanks.)


I don't think so. I have some in my "tanks of chronic
neglect" and I haven't bought any otos in about 4 or 5
ime, initial die off is high if they have not been in
the store long. 

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