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[APD] Hair Algae on Java Moss

I started my 29G planted tank about a month ago, so far its going pretty
good with no real algae problems except on my two pieces of java moss
(both are attached to bogwood) which are getting completely smothered by
the hair algae.  There is the odd strand of hair algae visible in the
rest of the tank but 98% of it is concentrated on my java moss :( 

I have some amano shrimp in the tank and they are helping a bit (but
they are still a bit small at 1/2" and spooked easily by the fish).  Is
hair algae on java moss a common problem, does it usually clear up and
is there are any possible remedies that don't involve chemical warfare?



PS: The tank water parameters are in the normal safe range for an
Amazonian tank (so normal soft water, PH is about 6), I'm using mostly
RO water now and feeding frozen daphina or baby brine shrimp twice a day
currently.  I'm planning on moving one of the feedings to dry food
(flake etc) next week.

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