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[APD] algae eaters

Heyo.  I love my otos.  They are fun, whacked out fish and in general quite easy to take care of.  Did you buy your otos from a store you always deal with?   Did the store get in a bad batch?  If they were easy to catch at the store than they should not have been sold.  Once home they do need places to hide for a while till they get used to their new neighbours.  They should have lots to eat if your tank if the tank has been around for a little bit.  I added mine within a month of starting and they are still kickin and lovin it.  I totally agree with one oto per 5 gallons of tank. (though you don't need as many if you add livebearers,  siamese algae eaters, mystery snail...  In my 25 gallon I have 4 otos,  2 siamese, 3 mystery snails and a crazy bunch of platies,  they are all a bunch of algae pigs)

Please don't give up on otos, they are great guys and do excellent jobs.  I added the siamese and black mystery snails to cover most of the areas in the tank. They are doing an amazing job at it.  Silly siamese get their snouts into every nook and cranny.  keep them hungry a bit and they'll keep active.     check out  http://www.totalfishkeeping.com/index.php? , they are great as well as tonnes of other sites out there.  Amazing people and amazing information.

Sorry for yacking so long.

p.s.  anyone have a link to a site with good pictures of aquatic diseases, parasites and the like? As well as good descriptions, cures and preventative measures?    Has anyone come across a site for plants that states what the plant is good for? i.e. fish eating, fish health, anti-algae,  snail hardy,  stuff like that?

Thanks for listening.


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