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Re: [APD] Plant safe algae eaters.

If you find a reputable dealer, they will have kept their ottos for a
couple of weeks to be sure to sell healthy ones. Their bellies should
be rounded, not flat or hollowed out.

One thing about ottos is that they are not fast to the food - if you
drop in an algae tab an otto will get to it when it's good and ready.
What that means is that if you have other algae-tab eating fish in
your tank like loaches, rams, angel fish, cardinals... the ottos might
not ever get anything to eat. After I added loaches to my tank to
control snails (and also because they're fun to watch) my ottos all
starved to death. Feeding the wafers late at night - when the lights
are off and the other fish are sleeping - can help. Ottos also love
love love parboiled zucchini. If you put it in a container that larger
fish can't get into, you might have better success.

SAE can get aggressive, they definately get big, and I found them to
be deadly to fine-leaved plants. Ancistrus are much more fun - like
having something prehistoric in your tank - but they accidentally end
up uprooting new plants as they wander around.

This is all just my opinion, of course.

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