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> Hey Folks
> New to this sight, and new to Aquarium gardening as well.  I just  
> hooked up my 30 gal aquarium to CO2 and CF lighting about 4 weeks  
> ago.  A plant that I thought had died about 4 months ago came  
> rapidly back to life.  Now that I am reading about aquarium  
> gardening, I am pretty sure it is Aponogeton  Ulvaceus.  Now, it  
> appears to be throwing 2 flower spikes.
> I am looking for advice about whether to trim these flowers off.  I  
> have read that Apoogeton species like to go into a contraction  
> (dormant) phase.  I want to keep mine vegetative as long as  
> possible, and would gladly sacrifice the flower spikes if this kept  
> the plant in leaf longer, or helped build a more robust plant.  In  
> addition, the one pic I could find of a Aponogoton flower didn't  
> look like all that much.  would love to be corrected on any of this  
> if I am incorrect...Any advice would be much appreciated.
> thank you for creating this fun sight!
fred from boston
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