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Re: [APD] Plant safe algae eaters.

On Fri Mar 30 10:02 , 'Brown, Daniel' <dpbrown at ea_com> sent:
>Potentially slightly off topic...
>I seem to be having terrible luck trying to keep Otto Catfish in my 30G
>planted tank, then seem fine for a week or two and then I find them dead
>or dying.  

Not off topic for me.
I keep a dwarf pleco in my 55 gal. planted tank.
It was selected so that it does not get too big and devour the plants.
Beautiful little bugger and he's pretty good at eating the brown algae.

I can't comment on the dying fish. When restocking my tank, I expect some fish to
die just from stress. I try to select only the strongest specimens from the store.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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