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[APD] Plant safe algae eaters.

Potentially slightly off topic...

I seem to be having terrible luck trying to keep Otto Catfish in my 30G
planted tank, then seem fine for a week or two and then I find them dead
or dying.  I've tried feeding them extra food like algae wafers but they
never seem interested in them, water parameters (PH, nitrate, nitrite &
ammonia) seem normal (safe) so I'm a bit stumped.

I'm currently considering trying an algae eating catfish as an
alternative to Ottos, in the past I've had a few bristle nose and
they've always been great for algae but always seem to develop have a
taste for Amazon swords (which I don't have atm).  My local store does
not have any bristlenose in stock (or had any for a while) but they do
have some clown and zebra plecs and I was wondering if anyone here has
had any experience with these breeds (or any others that may be
suitable) and how well they do for algae control (mainly for the glass,
I've got shrimp for the rest).  I know that I will need to provide extra
food for a zebra, clown or bristlenose but I've never had problems in
the past feeding algae tablets etc (except to Ottos).

In my first ever tank I had a Chinese algae eater and as is common with
these fish is started out great and then turned into a really aggressive
bully that was no longer interested in algae so I'll avoid those.  The
Hong Kong loach is interesting though but as my tank is a SA Dwarf
Cichlid tank it would not really fit in with the other species (Rams,
Rummynose, Hatchets & Corys).



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