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Re: [APD] Beard Algae... again

I believe Mike Luchsinger wrote this email section below:
> Does anyone have any experience eradicating beard algae from a tank  
> using Hydrogen peroxide?
> Not using a syringe and spot treating, but removing all fish for a  
> few days and pouring an entire bottle in a tank or anything of that  
> nature?

It will of course kill all bacteria, good and bad and all micro-organisms.
A large dosage will kill plants as well.

I'd remove the filter media and aerate it in a bucket and dump the rest of 
the filter casing in the H2O2. Not forgetting any hoses.

> If I did that what do you think would happen and what would I have to  
> do to get the tank ready for fish again?

You'd just leave it for a few days in the dark.

It turns into water and O2 under light.

H2O2 half life is around 8 hours I believe.

may be worth looking at.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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