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Re: [APD] Drinking RO Water

Actually, you don't want to give DI/RO water to people who are sick.  
Pedialyte and the equivalent have electrolytes, etc, added for the same 
reason we "reconstitute" our processed water; it's missing salts and 
other elements we need to live.  Drinking DI/RO water when you aren't 
taking in anything else effectively (vomiting, etc) is a quick way to 
throw your body further out of whack.


On 3/27/2007 7:23 PM Harry Martin said the following:
> On Tue Mar 27 18:34 , Dennis Dietz <dennisdietz at verizon_net> sent:
>> Funny, one of the reasons they sell DI water in the grocery store is to 
>> give to toddlers and people who are sick, AFAIK.
>> Dennis
> It's also good for irons (keeps the steam vents clear), topping off car
> radiators, topping off car batteries, washing hair, making tea, cooking,
> (spotless) rinsing off cars, mixing water based paints, coffee makers, baking
> recipes, and any situation where you need pure colorless, oderless water.
> :-)

Mike Szilard

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