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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 43, Issue 18

Yes it might.   For animal/human use the non-medical grade glue will work
but causes a fair amount of tissue inflammation ..........the medical grade
is much better........wonder if that works for plants too.  Side note - I
quit a job as a chemistry tech due this exact product......we were going to
make cyanoacrylate for medical use...........my boss who was a dangerous
nut-job ordered in all sorts of nasty cyanide raw materials.   After my
request that we have a cyanide rescue kit in the lab was denied........I
quit.  Better off alive I figured.....lol.


> As for using it to attach a live plant to a rock - it might damage the
> plant tissue pretty badly before it cures, not sure. The fumes
> straight out of the bottle are pretty noxious too.

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