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Re: [APD] Attaching Java Moss to bogwood

Sure, I've used them and no problems.  Work great as by the time you want them off (after the moss has attached) they have fallen off or you can easily just cut them and pick them up.  Much less messy than trying to unravel thread.
BTW you don't need to start off with every square inch covered with moss and rubber bands.  What ever areas get missed, the moss slowly spreads out into it.  It's actually kind of neat to do just the bottom and have it slowly climb up.


>Quick question: can rubber bands be used to attach Java Moss to bog
>wood?  My local fish store recommended using rubber bands instead of the
>traditional thread option, it does seem allot easier to attach the moss
>with the bands. However I'm not sure if the rubber bands are safe, will
>they leach undesirable chemicals into the water over the couple weeks
>they will be in the tank?
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