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Re: [APD] Attaching Java Moss to bogwood

Rubber bands should be fine for a while. They'll eventually break down 
and that may be where the mess starts. Plus they are little unsightly. I 
prefer to use a normal stapler. I staple the rhizome to the wood in 
several places. After a while the staples will rust away and the rhizome 
should be attached. They're small, easy to hide, and hold the plants well.

Jamie <"///><

>Quick question: can rubber bands be used to attach Java Moss to bog
>wood?  My local fish store recommended using rubber bands instead of the
>traditional thread option, it does seem allot easier to attach the moss
>with the bands. However I'm not sure if the rubber bands are safe, will
>they leach undesirable chemicals into the water over the couple weeks
>they will be in the tank?

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