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Re: [APD] Fluval surface skimmer

Thre are various deisgns. Ehiem, e.g., provides for bypass.

I only meant that very little flow is needed for the surface skimming itself, which is what you'll surely have if you don't give a little daily attention ;-)

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S. Hieber wrote:
> When using a surface skimmer, whether home-made or a commercially available unit, very little flow is required through the skimmer if your primary objective is to prevent the build up of surface film.
> The worst aspect of almost any skimmer is the sometimes frequent need to clear away debris that collects at the inlet. Otoh, that's a very simple and easy maintenance job.

The Fluval unit's design minimizes the necessity of this task. If the 
overflow becomes completely clogged the teeth automatically drop lower. 
If they bottom out and still no flow occurs, the filter still runs via 
an intake at the bottom of the intake tube. It's hard to describe, but 
if you have the unit you will see how it works.
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